Paper Products

For those of you who love the firm, fresh feel of real physical paper in your hands—the security of knowing you possess an artifact that isn’t dependent on batteries, isn’t vulnerable to an EMT, and won’t expire the week after you get sucked through a portal to Arlam—today’s the day you’ve been waiting for.


That’s right: at the speed of Amazon Prime, 3/4 of “The Heir and the Herald” tetralogy—my entire published oeuvre—can be ensconced upon your bookshelf. What once was a dubious dream can now be yours to keep.

If you’ve finished Book 1—A Sea Sought in Song—you already know you have to read its sequels. If you haven’t, here’s the TL;DR:

Wrath and Crimson Rime — The dark second chapter to the saga of Hugh Conrad and Ilina Lightkeeper. Neither you nor they are prepared for the crisis they must face … and what it will mean for their partnership.

Loose the Sealed Tongue — The saga turns a blind corner to plunge into pure epicness. This staggeringly-ambitious espionage adventure will push our heroes beyond the limits of endurance … and into the realm of legend.

So if you’ve been craving epic fantasy distinguished by depth, zeal, and ferocious flair, if you’re hungering for something fresh in the vein of Tad Williams, Brandon Sanderson, or Patrick Rothfuss, now’s the time to dive into a series readers are praising as “absorbing and action-packed,” “beautiful writing,” and “engag[ing] till the very last sentence.”

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