A Sea Sought in Song, first installment in “The Heir and the Herald” epic fantasy tetralogy by Austin Gunderson, is NOW AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PREORDER and will be released on February 2nd by Creative Texts!

And for the particularly voracious among you, the second book, Wrath and Crimson Rime, is ALSO AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE PREORDER and will be released on February 7th! That’s right: you can spend the weekend plowing through Book One and then start on the sequel with no lag-time! (The description on Amazon contains spoilers, so it’s recommended to simply shut your eyes and click the “Pre-order” button.)

So if you yearn for fresh epic fantasy with depth, ambition, and flair … if you’ve been itching to find out what’s going on inside a 1,100-pages-and-counting series that wins Honorable Mentions from the Writers of the Future contest every time a chapter gets submitted … your time has finally come.

Arlam awaits. Are you ready?