A Sea Sought in Song

A Sea Sought in Song is the first full-length novel in the “Seed of Glory Sown in Sorrow” saga by Austin Gunderson. This is high fantasy at its most epic.

What if the savior of legend threatened to extinguish civilization?

When a brash foreigner by the name of Hugh Conrad washes up on the doorstep of Ilina Lightkeeper, daughter of those left behind by the king, her bookish hermitage becomes a fulcrum of history. Hugh, late of mythical Earth, is heir to a lost global kingdom. But his barbarism disturbs his designated herald. To her own alarm, Ilina finds herself opposing this embodiment of her ancestors’ hopes.

While Ilina must judge between observation and prophecy, Hugh must adapt or die. He left Earth to rescue a friend, not a nation, but his arrival in Arlam changes everything. Can his power repel the invincible southern armies? Or will his ignorance seal their triumph? And does he have to embrace his father’s false divinity in order to salvage what’s left of the old man’s domain? Really?

As he and Ilina hunt desperately for answers, they are propelled into battle against an evil more insidious than even fairytales recollect.

A Sea Sought in Song is a breathtaking plunge into a vortex of peril and deception. Ferocious action, amplified by a unique magic system, unfolds against rich cultural backdrops. It’s an Indiana-Jones-goes-to-Narnia adventure that will delight fans of Brandon Sanderson, Tad Williams, and Patrick Rothfuss.

First Four Chapters