A sea is sought in song,

For wrath and crimson rime

Shan’t loose the sealed tongue,

Nor bind the tree of time.

“The Heir and the Herald” tells the four-part story of Hugh Conrad, a man thrust out of space and time, and Ilina Lightkeeper, the woman who’s spent her life awaiting someone else. Each is full of passionate conviction, and each will be put to the test. Whether they’re found wanting will determine the fate of the world of Arlam.

From desolate arctic wastelands to teeming tropical metropolises, the bitter struggle of Hugh and Ilina against Omri the Usurper only compounds and accelerates. And yet as the stakes rise and rise, the solutions dwindle until they fit within the heart, the soul, the mind.

An epoch is ending. But if the end of a thing is better than its beginning, then what of a thing that begins with an end?

Reader, are you ready to begin?


Book 1 — A Sea Sought in Song
Book 2 — Wrath and Crimson Rime
Book 3 — Loose the Sealed Tongue