Wrath and Crimson Rime

Wrath and Crimson Rime is the second full-length novel in “The Heir and the Herald” tetralogy by Austin Gunderson. It is AVAILABLE ON KINDLE AND IN PAPERBACK from Creative Texts.

The curtain is lifted, the threat disclosed, and the Hidden Kingdom united by a man from beyond space and time. But with authority comes uncertainty. How can an isolated backwater hope to stand before the Imperium that’s swallowed the world? As Hugh Conrad wades reluctantly into politics, things that once seemed clear grow clouded. Can he really afford to rely so heavily on a warlike wizard and a magical sword?

Ilina Lightkeeper, her Declaration made, finds herself increasingly sidelined by the machinations of powerful men. But her duty hasn’t been discharged. The Heir of Henred still needs her counsel, especially since he doesn’t think so. Before she can enlighten Hugh, however, Ilina must confront the darkness engulfing her from her own deluded past.

Time is short, but not yet spent. Between these obstinate holdouts and their Enemy lie dead forests, ferocious beasts, and an impassible barrier of ice. Or so they’d like to think. Evil has a way of infiltrating even the safest of sanctums.

Beloved alliances will be shattered and dubious new ones forged as the stakes and hilltops rise. Harnaral’s flames may have been quenched, but the fire in Arlam’s northlands has only begun to burn.

Wrath and Crimson Rime is a gutwrenching plunge into danger and deception that only accelerates over time. Ferocious action, amplified by a unique magic system, unfolds against culturally-complex backdrops. This Indiana Jones-goes-to-Narnia adventure will delight fans of Tad Williams, Brandon Sanderson, and Patrick Rothfuss.

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Book 1 — A Sea Sought in Song
Book 3 — Loose the Sealed Tongue