Book 1 — Locations


Arlam’s isolated Arctic continent, habitation of immense wolrum, white elk, and the nomadic Jaar peoples. Not a particularly enticing prize for the dominions to the south, but a very real threat to them nonetheless, for it is here, beyond the calving coastal cliffs, in a desolate plain of windswept ice, that an ancient mirror lies buried.



A teardrop of black rock in the frigid White Sea, Cuspid Isle teems with avian life. Its sole human habitation rises from its northernmost headland like a wolrum breaching the surf: mighty Kredak Tower, hermitage of the Lightkeeper Cult.



A weathered fishing village on the north coast of Kramarack. Although its fleet doesn’t usually venture far from land, it’s maintained regular ferry service to Cuspid Isle for as long as anyone can remember.



Founded on the site of Harn Bright-Eyes’ legendary last stand, the capital of Kramarack and ancestral seat of House Harn has weathered numerous Jaar insurgencies for over half a millennium. The city is built atop Harn Hill where it rises from a sharp bend of the Tarn River. No wall surrounds it, for the hill itself has been fashioned into an encircling cliff traversable only via a double-gated tunnel. Though deemed impregnable by experts, Harnaral is perforated by a warren of subterranean passages descending nearly to river-level.



A bustling port city nestled at the inner end of a deepwater fjord in Norvalis Sound, Suma bears the distinction of being the northernmost metropolis in the conventionally-known world. Of course, the Habridi traders who use it as a staging ground for their annual caravan across the mighty Gnof Mountains know it’s not the edge of the map, but that’s a secret they’re contractually obligated to keep to themselves.


A Sea Sought in Song — Intro
A Sea Sought in Song — Cast