Book 3 Debut

Today, the game has changed.

Loose the Sealed Tongue, third volume in “The Heir and the Herald” epic fantasy tetralogy, is NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE. It brings the saga of Hugh Conrad and Ilina Lightkeeper to a running total of over 1,100 tightly-written pages.

This is my longest and best novel yet. It’s also very different from its predecessors. I could tell you it’s a spy-vs-spy Arabian-Nights-esque heist thriller with mammoths and dragons and magic swords and dirigibles and ballroom dancing, but then I’d have to kill you.

So why not order it today, and find out for yourself?

(Please be advised that the back-cover description of Book 3 contains massive SPOILERS for Books 1 & 2. All of Book 3’s promotional materials—including this blog post you just read—should be avoided like the plague if you haven’t yet enjoyed its predecessors. THIS MEANS YOU!)

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