“The Heir and the Herald,” my series of epic fantasy novels, continues to take the market by storm.

— Those of you who prefer to flip physical pages will be ecstatic to learn that Book 1, A Sea Sought in Song, IS NOW AVAILABLE IN PAPERBACK! Just select the paperback option on the Amazon listing:

— Book 2, Wrath and Crimson Rime, is available for Kindle here:

— Amazon’s “Look inside” feature is now enabled for both novels. So if you prefer not to drop money on something you aren’t sure you’ll enjoy, click the cover image on the Amazon listing to read the first two chapters. My style is distinctive and consistent; every page is representative. I personally guarantee that if you like what you see in the sample chapters, you’ll love the novel as a whole.

— Preaching to the choir here, but if you’re interested in doing a deep dive into the world of Arlam, you’ll find maps, magic system primers, character and location profiles, and over sixty custom illustrations at the official series website: If you haven’t taken a look around lately, it’s well worth your while.

— And if you want to connect on social media, Arlam is online:


I’ll see you beyond the portal!

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