Certified Honorable

Look what arrived in the mail! The 4th quarter ‘22 certificate ain’t as flashy as the 1st quarter ‘19 one, but they both carry the same weight.

Thus far, only two chapters in the “Seed of Glory Sown in Sorrow” saga—Book 1’s Overture (Ilina’s signature flashback) and Book 2’s Overture (Hugh’s signature flashback)—can survive extraction from their narrative context. I submitted both of them to the Writers of the Future contest, and am batting 1.00 for WOTF Honorable Mentions.

In the event I write another submittable chapter and my series still hasn’t been published (WOTF excludes professional authors), I’ll submit again. Till then, I’m sitting pretty at 100% honorability.

And remember: neither of these honorably-mentioned chapters were written with a contest in mind. Aside from their self-contained structure, there’s nothing unique about them. They’re simply representative excerpts from a much larger narrative with proportionately-vaster thrills, pathos, and payoffs.

Yes, it’s printed on real paper.

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