Blank Page Energy

Hello there, nascent fandom! The work progresses! With Chapter Nine completed, Book Three has passed 75,000 words. For the first time in … what, a year? … I’ve finally pushed through to a blank page.

As those of you who’ve been keeping up with this blog know, late last year I paused partway through Chapter Nine to circle back through Book Three and integrate additional subplots. What’s news is that, after finally catching back up with myself, I proceeded to turn Chapter Nine into the longest chapter in my entire series thus far. But I’ve been assured it doesn’t feel long, because it’s mostly frenetic action!

Anyway, now for the first time in what feels like forever I can make a fresh incision on a blessedly featureless block. The next chapter will conclude Part One of Book Three. Each book contains two parts, and the part-break typically bridges some great tension or revelation. This next chapter will lead up to a deliciously stressful development. Exciting!

No news yet on the publishing front, but I’m not worried. All I need is a single bite. The “Seed of Glory Sown in Sorrow” saga will see the light of day one way or another.

2 thoughts on “Blank Page Energy

  1. Sounds like exciting times. I myself have just finished another pass of editing my entire manuscript, and can finally feel like I can breathe for a bit. Wishing you all the best with your WIP!


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