Nothing Personal

… it’s just my business cards, the first batch of which arrived by mail today! In two weeks, I’ll be passing them out at the Realm Makers writer’s conference. Kudos to for not cutting any corners except the ones I asked them to round. These look and feel like artwork. I figured that as long as I was purchasing little paper rectangles to distribute, I might as well fork over a little extra to ensure they’d stand out from the rest of the pile. Fortunately, as of last month, I had a bunch of art just lying around waiting to get repurposed.

The back of the card features my passable depiction of The Man With The Radiant Hand (a narratively-significant icon from the world of Arlam) along with the opening stanza of the prophecy which lends its name to my entire Seed of Glory Sown in Sorrow series. It’s my hope these elements will intrigue, rather than confuse, the viewer.

The front of the card features my name, relevant occupation, website, and contact info, all integrated, place-name-style, into a portion of my map of Arlam. I’m quite happy with how this turned out. Initially I tried all sorts of approaches for the front design—dragons framing the border, etc.—but it all ended up looking too busy. This solution was cohesive, elegant, and unique.

To delve further into the cartography of Arlam, visit my website’s map-room.

To further explore A Sea Sought in Song, visit its online home. There you can familiarize yourself with the cast, settings, and magic system, and even read the first four chapters.

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